What Is Involved When Replacing a Windshield?

 Repairing a chip in a windshield normally means using a clear liquid resin to fill in the chips. The solution is left to dry with the help of ultraviolet light. This means a windshield can look like new and it stops them from spreading so the whole windshield does not have to be replaced.

 The first step is to identify how bad a chip really is. Mild damage can be fixed quickly and cheaper. A clear resin is placed in the chip, and then left to harden. Sometimes a lamp will be used to speed up the process. In most cases, a hole will be drilled at the bottom of the chip, and the resin inserted, then the seal will be closed.

 Once the resin has hardened, the next thing to do is polish the area so the solution will blend in with the surrounding glass. Small cracks can be virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. Larger ones can appear slightly warped; however, it is not usually noticeable unless you look closely.

 It is extremely important to get your windshield chip checked by a professional windshield replacement company, as it can spread and cause more damage. When this happens, the windshield’s strength can be compromised and will not withstand even a minor collision. This is extremely dangerous and is more expensive to repair than a windshield chip.

 Chips and cracks which are extremely pronounced will usually have to be completely replaced. Again, a trained windshield replacement company must be used. Insurance companies could require a complete replacement if a chip or crack is beyond a certain size. Whatever windshield is put in, make sure that it is the correct glass – most will come with the manufacturer’s stamp already on them.

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