What Does It Take to Start Your Own Auto Glass Career?

If are fascinated with cars and other vehicles and you are an ambitious and serious person, maybe you should consider becoming an auto glass specialist. If you want to be well-known in your area and run a successful business, here are the few important steps you should take before you start offering a dependable auto glass installation service:


Basically, no degree is required; however, you should earn at least a high school diploma. Afterward, you will have to take glass repair training courses to learn more about the different types of damage on the car’s auto glass and how to repair it or install a new windshield. You need to learn to use hand tools and the process of shaping materials. You can take advantage of the classes in auto glass installation that are offered in some colleges. If you decide to, you may continue your education by taking collision repair courses. Obtaining the proper qualification is the first basic step to beginning such a career.


Accumulating experience is the next essential step you have to take. You can start working in another auto body shop and establish your own at a later stage. You can start a part-time job or seek internship with local shops. Experience is something truly important.

Clear driving record

If you want to become a reputable auto glass technician, you must have a driving license with no law breaches. Having and maintaining a good driving record is a perfect prerequisite for a beginner auto specialist. Additionally, this could play a key role in finding more and more clients.


Technical skills are a compulsory condition to begin such a career.

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