Blue Star Auto Glass has been a windshield repair company for over a decade. With impeccable workmanship, we have earned the respect and patronage of the car owners in Arlington, TX. So if your windshield needs some tender loving care, you just need to continue reading this.

Windshield Replacement Service – We can easily replace your broken windshield with a new one. Our first step would be to remove the clips that hold the molding in its proper place. With the expertise that we have gathered as a reputable windshield installation company, we will make sure that we will handle these with care because some of these clips are quite hard to find. Once we have removed them, we will determine the angle to detach the windshield from the pinch-weld. The latter is a part of your car which holds different metal components together. Now, we are ready to cut the urethane. This is an adhesive that is polymer based and is quite strong. Then we will remove the windshield. Two highly skilled members of our crew will gently push the glass away from the pinch-weld. Once the glass has been detached, we can lift it off from the pinch-weld. Before we attach the new windshield, we will prepare the pinch-weld by cleaning it. If it is dirty, the urethane will reduce the strength of its adhesion. We will also remove excess urethane and get rid of any rust on it. Once we are satisfied that we have thoroughly cleaned the pinch-weld, we will apply three thin even coats of primer. Then we will do the windshield installation.

Auto Glass Installation Service – We will gladly take a close look at the small crack or chip on one of your car’s windows. There might not have to replace it. Once we have determined that the chip or crack can be repaired, we will use acrylic filler or epoxy to fill it.

Blue Star Auto Glass can take care of your

windshield problems efficiently.

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